Welcome to The Best Cooking Show Ever with Chef Code!

A little bit about myself, I am 36 years old, I am currently living in South Florida where I’ve spent much of my life. My special talents are cooking and djing. As a child my parents owned a restaurant, which in turn sparked my passion for culinary arts as just a little boy. My passion has now blossomed into an unstoppable force of talent, flavor, and creativity. I have a wide range of specialty dishes and fan favorites that I love to share!

I created the show “The Best Cooking Show Ever” to provide my fans with quick, great tasting and affordable recipes, while incorporating a fun, entertaining environment, which sets the show aside from the rest. Reviewing restaurants, posting food blogs, photos and videos is what has been giving me the inspiration to keep me going throughout my career.

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Now, enough about me, time to hear from you guys! Do you have a favorite recipe, or a creative concept that you want to put together? Please feel free to contact me and ill be more than happy to share your ideas. Aside from posting my own work, I love to showcase what other chefs are doing also. Writing up restaurant reviews and my experience, posting food blogs, photos and videos have been things circling me all my career.  Seeing the talent in which other great cooks and imaginative people can come up with inspires me to keep doing what I do.  Lets share our ideas and make this The Best Cooking Show Ever!

-Chef Code